Julie SandersConsultant

Cindy Bouchard


    Julie Sanders has been a SharePoint Consultant and Analyst for more than 15 years, supporting clients across the US and internationally. She is adept at working with cross-functional teams to clarify requirements and refine business processes. The user experience is at the forefront of Julie’s designs and delivery strategies, emphasizing end-user engagement, process improvement, and training throughout the project lifecycle. Developing power users, site managers and SharePoint enthusiasts are some of Julie’s favorite work products.

    Project Experience:

    • Energy Solutions
    • The Steve Trautman Company
    • Investco Financial Corporation
    • Russell Investments
    • Talgo, Inc.
    • Multiple Microsoft Divisions and Business Units


    • SharePoint (on-premises and online)
    • Office 365
    • Business Analysis
    • Process Management
    • Information Architecture
    • User Training and Adoption

    Sample Projects:

    Julie recently worked with California-based Energy Solutions, a 100+ person consulting firm, to move from a networked file share to Office 365 for collaboration and a company intranet. The initiative included customized workspaces for critical business processes such as business development and strategic planning, plus a standardized toolset for team collaboration and communication. The company continues to expand their use of SharePoint and Office 365 using the governance policies, training plan and adoption strategies Julie developed during the project.

    On a recent project for a global consulting firm, Julie designed and implemented a detailed document management solution to handle the critical business process of iterating, tracking and publishing client-facing materials – previously a highly manual, cumbersome and potentially inconsistent process. The new solution included a “Work in Progress” library to facilitate initial consultant input into delivery materials. It then routed documents into a sprint-like (Agile) system, managing reviews by various departments and SMEs before final approval by the owner and product manager. Using a combination of business process and SharePoint workflow, ‘ready’ files were sent to a “Published Files” library and to SharePoint site templates for use on each client project. This solution allowed the company to track and manage document and product versions and to control branding while integrating a philosophy of continuous product improvement.

    Another process improvement project focused on a solution for a sales team responding to government requests for proposals (RFPs) – a highly cross-functional process involving many different groups across the firm. Julie developed a SharePoint template solution to systematize the process and provide clearly defined collaboration spaces and task tracking. The solution also included a roll-up view that allowed employees to see in a single location all the proposals and RFP in process across the firm. The VP of Business Development claims this solution saves between 12 and 20 man-hours per proposal, while providing a level of visibility into the workings of the team that was not previously evident. The executive team also touted the significant contribution that this solution has made to efforts to develop a more collaborative organizational culture.

    Education and Interests:

    Julie holds an undergraduate degree in Economics from the University of Washington.

    She was raised in the Pacific Northwest. Both she and her husband are active in their local community and enjoy watching their son participate in tennis and swimming. Julie is an avid tennis player and plays in several leagues throughout the year.