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Susan Goodman


Susan GoodmanSusan Goodman, FAI, IGP, CRM, CIP, ECMs, ERMs, CIPP/US, CIPM, MLS, has more than 25 years of experience providing Information Governance (IG), Records Management (RM) and Privacy strategic guidance and program development, and management to numerous Public, Private and non-profit organizations. These organizations ranged from large, global, highly matrixed firms to mid-size organizations.

Susan has a holistic approach that benefits all stakeholder groups and the organization as a whole. Through her work, she helps organizations ensure compliance, reduce risk and cost, streamline operations and leverage information assets. She is certified in Information Governance, Records Management/Electronic Records Management, Enterprise Content Management and Privacy. She is seasoned in partnering with all stakeholder groups: RM, IT, Legal, Compliance, Privacy, Security, the Businesses and others – at all organizational levels – to achieve their goals and those of the organization as a whole.


  • Consumer Reports
  • Bank of America
  • Banc of America Securities
  • Public Utilities Board of Brownsville, TX
  • Washtenaw County
  • City and County of Albany NY
  • NY State Government
  • Town of Wethersfield, CT
  • Citigroup
  • Toyota, Daimler Chrysler


Information Governance, Records Management, and Privacy:

  • Program design, development, implementation, and management
  • Electronic records and information systems (e.g., ECM, EDRM)
  • Records retention and disposition
  • Record Preservation Hold process improvements for litigation, regulatory investigation, and audit
  • IG, RIM and Privacy communication and training


At Consumer Reports, Susan was Director of Records Management and the business Privacy function. As these programs were in nascent stages, she led several projects to enhance them. One project was to assess the need and to develop requirements for an electronic IG/EDRM/ECM system. With IT as her partner, and in close collaboration with the businesses, she conducted a needs assessment, identified business, and technical requirements, developed and issued an RFP, evaluated vendors and their proposals and selected a vendor. She led a proof of concept project, to determine fit. She also led a Privacy project, which included creating the Privacy governance structure, conducting a Privacy inventory, reviewing and working with the Attorney to update Privacy policies, conducting data-mapping for Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and enhancing the Inventory of 3rd party PCI/PII. The third major project that she led for CR was to update CR’s Retention and Disposition Schedule.

As an SVP at Bank of America, on the Digital Records Project team, Susan was responsible for ensuring that all requirements specific to electronic records and record-keeping systems were identified and incorporated into the new enterprise-wide ECM system (Viewpointe). She teamed with internal and external partners (e.g., IT, the businesses, the host Viewpointe, and system integrator (IBM) to accomplish goals. In a separate initiative, she also co-designed and co-led a project to evaluate the compliance of existing technologies and applications (FileNet, Documentum, Systemware, OpenText, SharePoint, etc.) with requirements, to recommend mitigation strategies and monitor improvements.


Susan holds a Master’s Degree from the State University of NY at Albany’s School of Information and Policy.  In addition, she completed extensive PhD level coursework at the University of Michigan, School of Information – with a focus on Electronic Records Policy, Business Strategy and Business Law.  She enjoys family time and travel both within and outside of the US – especially to South Africa and Israel, where she and husband have lived. She is a US Citizen (born and raised in New York) and speaks Hebrew fluently.